Broadband for the Bush Alliance


Broadband for the Bush Forum V

Forum V: Digital Journeys

Wednesday 8 June & Thursday 9 June 2016
Brisbane, Queensland

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Digital Journeys traverse all of our lives. They shape the way we live, learn, work and connect.

We are experiencing the transformation of society, politics, industry and the ways we interact with a changing environment. Together, we are shaping the journey into a digital future.

Digital Journeys will capture the diversity of experiences, digital tools and practical solutions used across a wide range of industry sectors such as health, education, tourism, creative industries, agriculture, mining, transport, remote service delivery, conservation and land management, women in business, cultural heritage and more.

Indigenous Focus Day

Tuesday 7 June 2016 (Invitation Only)
Brisbane, Queensland

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About Us

The Broadband for the Bush Alliance (B4BA) is an alliance of organisations that seeks to advance the digital capacity and capability of remote Australians. B4BA seeks the best possible communication outcomes for the 7% of Australians not currently scheduled to receive fibre to the premise through the National Broadband Network, and to advance unmet telephony needs, as a significant related issue.

The key focus of the Alliance is:

  1. The expansion of mobile coverage
  2. Getting digital infrastructure right – both the rational use of existing infrastructure and expanding infrastructure
  3. Smart last mile solutions for small towns and communities
  4. Affordable pricing for mobile calls in remote and rural Australia
  5. Improved digital literacy
  6. Good research to underpin remote communications policy
  7. Improving Indigenous communications programs