Broadband for the Bush Alliance


About Us

The Broadband for the Bush Alliance (B4BA) is an alliance of organisations that seeks to advance the digital capacity and capability of remote Australians. B4BA seeks the best possible communication outcomes for the 7% of Australians not currently scheduled to receive fibre to the premise through the National Broadband Network, and to advance unmet telephony needs, as a significant related issue.

The key focus of the Alliance is:

  1. The expansion of mobile coverage
  2. Getting digital infrastructure right – both the rational use of existing infrastructure and expanding infrastructure
  3. Smart last mile solutions for small towns and communities
  4. Affordable pricing for mobile calls in remote and rural Australia
  5. Improved digital literacy
  6. Good research to underpin remote communications policy
  7. Improving Indigenous communications programs

Broadband for the Bush Forum: Digital Journeys

The Broadband For the Bush Alliance recently hosted the 5th annual Broadband for the Bush Forum: Digital Journeys. Held with the support of our principal sponsor and venue, the State Library of Queensland, 3 days of highly engaged and productive discussion brought together policy makers, service providers and users, amongst others, to further digital inclusion for people living in remote and regional Australia.

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