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Broadband for the Bush Forum V: Digital Journeys

Presentations & Workshop Resources may be accessed here

Wednesday 8 & Thursday 9 June 2016 Broadband for the Bush Forum V 2016
State Library of Queensland, Brisbane, Queensland

Digital Journeys traverse all of our lives. They shape the way we live, learn, work and connect.

We are experiencing the transformation of society, politics, industry and the ways we interact with a changing environment. Together, we are shaping the journey into a digital future.

Digital Journeys will capture the diversity of experiences, digital tools and practical solutions used across a wide range of industry sectors such as health, education, tourism, creative industries, agriculture, mining, transport, remote service delivery, conservation and land management, women in business, cultural heritage and more.

Forum Streams

Digital Adaptation in Business

As digital technology transforms and disrupts Business and Industry, the impacts are felt throughout our social and economic systems. This is both crisis and opportunity, especially for people living in remote and regional areas. Through the lens of case studies, we will explore the experiences, practices and technologies used by business in a range of industries, to adapt to a changing operating environment.

Future of Services

For remote Australia, the future of Service Delivery epitomises the promise of digital technology for increasing opportunities and access, enhancing people’s wellbeing and strengthening social and economic participation. In a time characterised by approaches to co-creation, new service models and on-demand delivery, what works and where are the opportunities?

Digital Inclusion

“The future is already here, its just not evenly distributed” – William F Gibson, author.

Digital technologies have the potential to improve our quality of life by providing better access to information and services, but many Australians are being left behind. In the National Year of Digital Inclusion, the challenge is to imagine a more inclusive digital future for everyone, including remote communities.

Policy for Better Outcomes

Drawing together these digital journeys, we will continue to articulate our Remote Telecommunications Strategy (RTS) to overcome current challenges and make the most of opportunities offered by digital technologies to create better outcomes in education, health and community and economic participation.

Forum Ambassador

Brad Howarth | Director, A Faster Future

Speakers include

Stephen Jones MP | Federal Member for Throsby, Shadow Minister for Remote Communications

Helen Milner OBE | CEO, Tinder Foundation; National Year of Digital Inclusion Ambassador
Martin Laverty | CEO, Royal Flying Doctor Service
Mia Garlick | Director of Policy for Australia & New Zealand, Facebook
Michael Dezuanni | Assoc. Professor, QUT
Tony Bundrock | CEO, Activ8me
Dr Danielle Wyatt | University of Melbourne
Dr Christopher Wilson | RMIT

Nickeema Williams | Hitnet
Brendan Fitzgerald | Digital Inclusion Manager, Infoxchange

Presentations & Workshop Resources may be accessed here