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Thank you potential sponsor for considering supporting this event.
Your support enables speakers from remote communities to attend and for all to participate at low cost.
They are “Remote, Connected and Savvy!”

About the Broadband for the Bush Alliance

The Broadband for the Bush Forum is hosted by the Broadband for the Bush Alliance. The Broadband for the Bush Alliance (B4BA) is a national, not-for-profit organisation that seeks to advance the digital capacity and capability of remote Australians. It shares this values and mission with you.

It does this through a range of activities, including policy formulation, lobbying actions, and the sharing of knowledge. It actively builds expertise through its annual Forum, research projects and networking.

Forum Format

The Indigenous Focus Day precedes the main forum on June 21 2017.  The Indigenous Focus Day contributes insights at various points during the Main Forum which lasts for 2 days 22-23 June 2017, and provides a specific Indigenous voice to issues by participants. The events are at the one venue, the Esplanade Hotel Fremantle. You can expect 300 people at the forum from throughout Australia.

The main forum on JUne 22-23 involves community and organisation representatives and individuals from rural and remote areas working in the field. Government Departments are part of the network, and as sponsor, you will have access to the decision makers, policy makers, users, and people working to support others.

Talking and working towards resolutions is the primary focus of the forum, to which sponsors can contribute. Together we can work on celebrating the developing benefits of new connectivity and influencing policy agendas around common issues of access, quality and applications.

As a sponsor, you can access delegates and be a delegate. The program will consist of a mix of activities across the days, including presentations, interactive sessions and workshops. There will be policy‐oriented discussions as well as opportunities for accessing ‘hands-on technology’ where innovative solutions and emerging new technologies can be investigated and profiled.

We will also be seeking input and comments from members and other Forum attendees on furthering a Remote Telecommunications Strategy (RTS) that will continue to  map out what is needed “in the short-term” for the provision of affordable and accessible quality telecommunications in the bush. You may want to actively contribute to this.

Sponsorship opportunities

We welcome your involvement in traditional ways as a sponsor, choose from three levels of sponsorship. We also invite you to think about what you would like to sponsor, and talk with us about possibilities. Our sponsorship helps support the participation in the forum of people from remote communities. You may also be interested in specific support to the Indigenous Focus Day. We particularly welcome the opportunity to showcase Western Australian stories and groups in this national event.

 Sponsorship options Gold $15,000 + Silver $7,000 Bronze $4,000
Complementary registrations

Gold sponsors  – 8
Silver sponsors – 4
Bronze sponsors – 2

Brand display

All verbal, written and printed communications as well as event publications, signage or other promotional material or collateral.

Address to workshop delegates

Opportunity to present to delegates prior to a workshop session for 5 minutes.

Exhibition Space 3×6 stand 3×3 stand Table
Banner display

Opportunity to display your promotional materials and banners at the event.

Address to Forum delegates

Opportunity to present to all on the first day of the Forum for 10 minutes.

Verbal acknowledgement

Mention of your organisation in opening address and official speeches.

Other potential Sponsorship benefits can be negotiated YES YES  
All Fees are GST exempt

Sponsorship benefits

As a supporting sponsor of the Forum and/or Indigenous Focus Day, your organisation will receive exposure to the substantial positioning, promotional and marketing benefits associated with this high profile national conference.

  • Profile your brand and demonstrate support for committing to the digital engagement of remote and rural Australia to a diverse audience.
  • Engage and network with key decision makers in government and industry, researchers and community organisations, and share your views and expertise on the digital challenges and opportunities faced in the Bush.
  • Demonstrate your business or organisation’s corporate social responsibility culture through supporting a vibrant and Australia-wide event with real social impact.
  • Present to delegates, directly promoting your organisation’s credentials to private and public sector organisations as well as academic institutions from many Australian jurisdictions.
  • Showcase your organisation’s products or services to decision-makers from public, NGO and private sector service organisations across Australia as well as regional community development associations and the media.
  • Discover facts on digital inclusion, digital economy, and digital services, and gain access to the latest technology and policy developments in the bush:  listen to the case studies and best practice stories from the people involved from across the sectors.

Our sponsorship packages can be tailored to your organisation’s requirements. We are open to discussing other sponsorship opportunities suitable to your organisation.



Forum Coordinators

Michelle Williams 0414813491
Paul Sutton 0418750236

Forum Chair

Apolline Kohen 0400 688 386

Indigenous Focus Day Chair

Daniel Featherstone 0437 798 076