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About the Indigenous Focus Day

21st June 2017 before the Main Forum

Esplanade Hotel Fremantle

Hosted by IRCA and ACCAN

A good place for Indigenous voices to be heard!

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Bringing together rural and remote stakeholders committed to digital inclusion to identify obstacles and solutions to issues of affordability and availability of communications for remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. The Indigenous Focus Day celebrates and shares stories of success and celebrates emerging projects from remote Indigenous communities, while also contributing to policy development and program design.

About the event

The Broadband for the Bush Indigenous Focus Day is an annual event that promotes digital inclusion projects. It  addresses the opportunities for, and obstacles to, the digital inclusion of remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, organisations and communities. Participants help to develop recommendations for policy to advocate for increased connectivity for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

The Indigenous Focus Day came into being after participants in the first Broadband for the Bush Forum perceived a need for a dedicated Focus on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to talk about their digital inclusion needs, challenges and opportunities. The Indigenous Focus Day facilitates Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to engage and collaborate with their peers. It is an interactive event, facilitated primarily by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and organisations.

Each year, approximately 100 participants attend from the Indigenous community, regional constituencies, community organisations, and from Indigenous agencies from across Australia.  All are focused on the opportunities presented by digital inclusion and the obstacles that warrant attention. Participants include Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander entrepreneurs, teachers, community leaders and broadcasters.

“Remote Indigenous people are the most digitally excluded group in Australia, yet where connectivity is available, they are quick adopters. The Indigenous Focus Day presentations demonstrate the innovative ways that remote people and communities are seeking to reduce the divide and use broadband and mobile devices for locally relevant storytelling, enterprise, employment, and cultural and language continuity.”

Daniel Featherstone, Manager Indigenous Remote Communications Association

IFD Success

The key themes to emerge from the last Indigenous Focus Day presentations are:

  • Remote Indigenous communities remain the most digitally excluded population in Australia.
  • The major obstacles to connectivity are affordability and access, as well as cyber safety.
  • The key to engagement is having locally relevant projects, content and applications.
  • The focus should always be on people and relationships rather than technology.
  • Partnerships and knowledge sharing are key enablers.
  • Digital mentors are needed to increase skills and digital literacy in communities.

Attendees were asked to distil their thinking into one big ‘ask’ or idea to put to policymakers. The following are the three big ideas to be promoted to the Commonwealth and State and Territory governments, namely:

  1. Introduce a Universal Service Obligation underpinned by a set of principles (which are culturally appropriate and based on community need) to provide a minimum standard of internet connectivity in Australia, which will set Australia apart as a world leader in the digital innovation space.
  2. Recognise that digital inclusion is a human right, and to build digital citizenship through free (unmetered) access for all Australians, however remote, to essential online services and the skills and support to access them (reinforcing the theme that it’s not about the technology, but rather about people).
  3. Commonwealth government provide a minimum of $60m to support Indigenous digital inclusion in 300 communities for two years. This funding would employ digital inclusion workers to provide training and technical support in media centres to build community capability and digitally empowered people.

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