Technolgy in Action – 1

Technology in action – emerging technologies keeping us connected and safe.

This stream will explore the latest and emerging technologies for connecting people in rural and remote areas, particularly in emergency situations. Technology experts and those working in the bush will discuss new technologies and enablers of remote connectivity to address the needs of rural and remote communities, including last mile solutions, overcoming latency and speed issues, the Internet of Things, drone applications.

Session Chair: Brendan Fitzgerald – Broadband for the Bush Committee

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Leveraging the 21st century farm to improve communications across regional Australia

Jim Wyatt, Strategic Project Officer, Curtin University

Jim’s presentation

Jim Wyatt has worked in and around telecommunications and digital technology for more than 35 years. For the past 20 years, he has been at the forefront of government policy, strategy and activity, including instrumental roles in the formation of the NBN and Regional Mobile Black Spots improvements. His passion is digital improvements for regional Australia and is known as a tireless advocate in this space. Currently on a 2-year sabbatical from his own digital advisory practice, Jim is leading strategic activity at Innovation Central, located on the Curtin University Bentley campus in Perth. This unique partnership between Woodside, Cisco and Curtin University is driving the spread of digital transformation across numerous industry sectors including Oil & Gas, Agriculture and Government.

With the emergence of the Internet of Things and a focus on human to human as well as machine to machine connectivity, we are now seeing a range of industries undergo dramatic digital transformation. Smart farming and digital agriculture is now emerging across the country. This offers real potential for regional and rural communities intertwined with primary production areas, to leverage these developments for their own needs.

Getting value from connectivity in the bush

Dr Simon Cook

Premier’s Fellow Agriculture and Food. WA Govt, WA

Simon Cook is the inaugural WA Premier’s Fellow in Agriculture and Food at Curtin and Murdoch Universities. His activities in digital agriculture go back to the 90s, when he led the CSIRO Precision Agriculture Research Group which pioneered the development of precision agriculture in Australia. Subsequently he has spent many years in international agricultural research, specializing in the opportunities for information to support change. His current role is to identify and develop pathways for digital agriculture in WA agribusiness

We hear that data is the ‘new oil’ – a globally important commodity of universal value. But like oil, data generates value only when it used to do something with it. As early failures have taught us, in farming this isn’t always as straightforward as it seems. Using precision agriculture as an example, this presentation will show that enhanced connectivity and data capture needs to be coupled with processes of interpretation and business development. Ultimately the process should enable enough information flow to support discovery and creativity but until then, most intermediation will be through specialists within farming systems. 

Farm Decision Technology

Peter Carter

Digital Engagement – Innovation Partnerships , Data61|CSIRO, NSW

My passion is building business through innovation and technology – transforming the seemingly impossible into commercial opportunity. My interest in innovation and technology is about human nature and insight. I believe we are all driven by curiosity, discovery and opportunity and that technology is simply a catalyst or enabler of change. Successful industry leaders and innovators are those that manage this change process and create environments conducive for people to embrace new ideas and ways of doing things.

The Farm Platform project from Data61, is creating a scalable and mass deployable farm system to enable digital connectivity on farms, involving our work with LoRa (Long Range) and Low Power technology. Connectivity is the enabler for the future farm.