April 19, 2017

The Forum Promotional Campaign has begun

With the Forum just weeks away, the Forum Commitee has begun its promotional campaign. The committee are particularly targetting WA attendees who have a unique opportunity to participate in these important discussions on home turf about local issues.

“We look forward to hearing about the local milestones, and meeting the people who made it happen.”, said Apolline Kohan, B4BA Forum Chair.

Please pass on Promotional Brochure to people in your networks and encourage people to attend.

The program is shaping up to be very exciting, fronted by exciting Keynotes and great regional speakers.

Thankyou to Department of Commerce, WA Government for being our Principal sponsor. Thanks also to Telstra, our Silver sponsor  for providing us with our leading Keynote Professor Hugh Bradlow, Chief Scientist for Telstra.  More information on our sponsors and our speakers.

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