Themes 2017

Remote, Connected and Savvy!

The sixth annual Forum, Remote, Connected and Savvy! focuses on how remote and rural stakeholders can help develop effective telecommunication policies to meet their needs and apply innovative solutions to enable businesses and communities to grow and prosper in the global digital economy.

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Forum themes

Internet in Remote Australia

Digital Inclusion in the bush – exploring best practice models to facilitate accelerated digital inclusion across rural and remote Australia

The release of the Australian Digital Inclusion Index in 2016 provides a clear insight into the demographics of those most in need of digital inclusion interventions, and will enable the development of collaborative and targeted approaches to digital empowerment in regional, rural and remote areas. This stream will look specifically at the challenges and barriers to creating a fully digitally enabled Australia, and explore the best practice models that are proving successful.  Speakers.

Regional innovation – from digital isolation to digital revolution

Regional development is a key issue for rural and remote areas of Australia; however, innovation is often hampered by poor access to reliable and adequate telecommunications and a lack information on how to access and exploit digital   technologies to ignite business growth. Many businesses not far from major urban centres have extraordinary tales of digital isolation. This stream will look at examples of digital innovation across primary and creative industries, tourism, community services, health, education, and other sectors.  Speakers.

Policy and regulation – advancing digital capacity and capability in regional, rural and remote Australia

In the past year, there have been a number of significant telecommunications and information technology policy reviews affecting remote, regional and rural Australia. These include the:

  • Universal Service Obligation (USO) review
  • Joint Parliamentary Standing Committee on the NBN
  • review into Data Availability and Use
  • Telecommunications (Interception and Access) Amendment (Data Retention) law
  • development of a revised Digital Health Strategy as part of the new Australian Digital Health Agency
  • Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care
  • Open government strategies, in the delivery of Internet-based government services and bandwidth requirements
  • Department of Human Services’ move to increased online client interactions.

This stream will examine the issues and discuss how communities can engage in the decision making process. Speakers

Technology in action – emerging technologies keeping us connected and safe

This stream will explore the latest and emerging technologies for connecting people in rural and remote areas, particularly in emergency situations. Technology experts and those working in the bush will discuss new technologies and enablers of remote connectivity to address the needs of rural and remote communities, including last mile solutions, overcoming latency and speed issues, the Internet of Things, drone applications etc.


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